Why Hugz?

Work is more than a means to economic self-sufficiency, it also is an important way for individuals to contribute to their communities, build a network of social relationships, and create opportunities for lifelong learning. Hugz strives to make sure that EVERYONE has the chance to work if they want to.

People with disabilities are confronted with numerous barriers to employment to include prejudice, discrimination and fear. It's a simple fact that a company will hire someone else before they hire on someone with a disability. But the true fact of the matter is that these individuals are just as capable of completing the job the same way, if not better, then the next person. This is why we have the best quality Rose Bears on the market. Our assembly process is completed by these AMAZING individuals that we are proud to call part of The Hugz Team. 

Now you would think that Hugz would stop there....right?

No. Not the people at Hugz. They are constantly finding new ways to give back. Creating local events, gathering people together in the community, and even goes as far as to give a percentage of all profits to charity.